November 27, 2022

Nonprofit Corporation Formation Legal Services.

Nonprofit law is complex. In addition to general business law, nonprofit law also includes thousands of additional laws and regulations that provide tax breaks, outline governance guidelines, and protect donors, volunteers and the recipients of nonprofit aid. Whether you are forming a nonprofit organization or are managing an already existing nonprofit organization, do not risk legal errors or credibility issues that can be costly. Call the firm, for experienced nonprofit advice and legal representation.

We offer experienced nonprofit corporation start-up legal services. Lawyer sits on the boards of several local nonprofits, and he has led in the formation of numerous nonprofit corporations. Our firm has successfully achieved nonprofit status for every new nonprofit organization we have worked with.

Attorneys can assist with all areas of nonprofit corporation formation, ranging from completion of the confusing and complex 1023 form to bylaw creation and the successful incorporation of 501(c)(3) corporations. 501(c)(3) status is popular because it allows for tax-deductible donations.

Legal Support for Operating Nonprofit Organizations.

We also work with preexisting nonprofit organizations and have provided ongoing counsel and legal business planning services to numerous organizations in the Greensboro area. Common legal services to nonprofits include:

  • Legal representation in disputes with the IRS
  • Advice regarding the proper and legal allocation of donated resources
  • Setting up and amending articles of incorporation and bylaws that are in compliance with federal and state guidelines
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Dissolution in compliance with state and IRS guidelines

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