July 18, 2024

DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer

When you are charged with DUI or DWI in North Carolina, you enter a largely inflexible system designed to punish numerous drunk driving violators and deter them and others from committing further violations. Financial costs can be high, time spent in hearings and court can be lengthy, and jail time (up to two years) and the long-term loss of driving privileges can result.

Do not enter this system alone. Stakes are high but, with professional legal representation, so are the chances for leniency and for reduction of your sentence. At the firm, we are experienced in handling drunk driving defense. Attorney has helped thousands of people accused of drunk driving and other traffic violations.

We can meet with you to explain procedures and options, then begin the investigation of your case. We will talk to police officers to determine whether they made a Breathalyzer error or other procedural error at the time of your alleged violation. If we cannot have your charges dismissed, we will fight to have your charges reduced and for leniency in sentencing.

In North Carolina, a DWI charge leads to an initial 30-day revocation of your driver’s license. The risk of prolonged jail time and license suspension rises with further violations and factors such as the presence of children in the car and driving with a revoked driver’s license.

We can assist you in arranging an alcohol assessment and taking other steps between your violation and your court date to increase your chances of getting your license back. Drug or alcohol treatment and other steps can also lead to leniency, including suspended sentences and the granting of limited driving privileges that allow you drive to work, bring your children to day care, and accomplish household errands.

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Defending College Students Against Underage Drinking Charges

Youth is a time for fun, growth and even a little experimentation. However, you may want to think twice before experimenting with something that risks legal consequences. If you have been charged with a drinking offense and you are under 21, you should seek assistance from one of our underage drinking defense lawyers in Greensboro.

At our Law Office, we provide competent, compassionate legal representation to juveniles and college students who require strong underage drinking defense. While we know that this one charge will not ruin your life, it will affect your future. We will work dedicate to protect your record and your future opportunities. Contact our firm today for your free consultation.

Providing Strong Underage Drinking Defense

We have represented college students from these schools and many others, providing the aggressive underage drinking defense required in cases involving:

  • Open containers
  • Driving after consuming under the age of 21
  • Urinating in public
  • Alcohol possession, including possessing malted beverages in public

Our lawyers are familiar with all potential penalties you may be facing, including criminal consequences such as license revocations, fines and a criminal record, as well as university or college sanctions such as suspension from school or being kicked out of school activities or sports programs.

We will aggressively defend you in court and in your university suspension hearing. We will seek to have your criminal charges dismissed. If that is not possible, we will pursue alternative sentencing options like first offender’s programs or community service. When possible, we will also look to have the offense expunged completely from your record. This would allow you to answer “no” to questions about having a past criminal record on school, loan, employment and housing applications.

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