May 30, 2023

Fatal Car Accident Attorneys

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Fatal Car Accident Attorneys

Our Law Office Helps You Understand What to do After a Fatal Car Accident

If you and your family are suffering and dealing with losing a beloved family member after a fatal car accident, our hearts go out to you. Dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one, regardless of the circumstances, is an ordeal that none of us deserve, but many must endure.

In the midst of your grief, this sudden loss was likely caused by negligence by the driver or someone else. And though it might seem inappropriate to think of anything but mourning your loss, this accident is undoubtedly affecting you and yours financially. Contrary to what your family might think, it is certainly appropriate to consider how your family will be appropriately compensated for your damages and those that your deceased loved one suffered. Someone needs to help you handle this part of your family’s business before someone who doesn’t care about those interests and victimizes your family during its time of profound sorrow.

Most of us drive responsibly. We obey traffic laws, use our seatbelts and child car seats, and are alert to our surroundings when driving. No matter what we do to keep ourselves, our families, and other motorists safe, that responsibility is not always shared by other drivers. Drivers who are thoughtless, careless, drunk, tired, or distracted can come crashing into our lives without warning, no matter what we do. All we can do is watch out for them and hope to avoid them in time when they come careening out of control into our lives.

After an auto accident that kills someone you love, there’s a lot you can do to protect your rights with the help of the right fatal car accident attorney. You can rightfully seek compensation for the financial, physical, and emotional damages surrounding the tragic fatal auto accident that took your loved one from you and yours. In fighting for that right, you are opposed by powerful forces. They have one goal in mind, to deny the rightful financial remedy you and your family deserve by law: rights that, with the help of an experienced fatal auto injury lawyer, you can effectively protect and keep you safe from the fiscal disaster this wrongful death can become.

If you wish to receive the fairest legal damages that your insurance claim or civil case can bring. In that case, we hope this Web page will help you understand the apparent need to hire an attorney who has experience in personal injury and wrongful death auto accident cases. Some might handle this matter themselves or hire inexperienced counsel who talks a mean game. But we feel obliged to explain some of the basics of wrongful death auto accident cases as a service to our visitors.

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Back & Spine Injuries – Personal Injury Law

Back & Spine Injuries

The back and spine are some of the most vulnerable areas of the human body and are therefore especially susceptible to injury in a car accident. Even a minor twist or strain to back muscles can cause a back and spine injury and result in chronic pain.accident attorneys - neck and back injuries

Back injuries can be expensive and difficult to treat. A spinal injury is often a plaguing injury that can result in paralysis.

Back injuries are an especially serious type of car accident injury because they can sometimes make it impossible for an individual to return to work. Although individuals who suffer a back injury may recover enough to be able to train for a new career, those who experience a spinal cord injury that causes paralysis may never be able to work again.

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Back Injuries Can Cause Extreme Pain

Back and spine injuries are a common repercussion of another injury, such as a neck injury. Back pain is a frequent complaint of individuals who have been in a car accident. According to the Mayo Clinic, back pain is one of the main reasons individuals visit the doctor and are forced to miss work.

The back is made up of vertebrae in the spine, cushioned by disks in between the individual vertebrae. During a car accident, the soft material inside a disk may shift out of place or even rupture and cause strain to nerves around the spine, resulting in excruciating back pain.

An individual who experiences back pain after a car accident may feel sudden spasms or a shooting pain that travels from the back to the legs. Muscle aches are also common, and an individual may also have trouble standing up straight or lose his or her normal range of motion.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are the result of damage to the ligaments, discs, or vertebrae of the spinal column. A spinal cord injury can also occur when the nerves at the end of the spinal cord sustain damage. Even the slightest impact could result in a back and or spine injury.

The Mayo Clinic states that spinal cord injuries can have permanent repercussions. An individual who experiences a spinal cord injury faces a host of bodily issues, such as a decrease in strength, less sensation in certain areas of the body, and trouble performing bodily functions below the area of impact.

Treatment Is Available

Back and spine injuries can often be treated through a variety of methods. Some back pain can be treated with over-the-counter medication. Although bed rest is recommended, it should not be done for more than two days, or the back pain could worsen rather than improve.

A doctor will normally prescribe common pain relievers for back pain. If the pain does not improve, muscle relaxers may be prescribed. Narcotics or antidepressants may also be prescribed for extreme back pain.

Although medications may be prescribed for a spinal cord injury, immobilization of the back is often undertaken to stabilize the spine.

Back and spine injuries sustained in an automobile accident take an extreme physical and emotional toll on an individual. Fortunately, financial compensation may be available from a negligent driver.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, our experienced personal injury lawyers can help. Call us toll-free or email us to learn about your options.

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discusses a Motorcyclist’s Rights Following a Bike Crash

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discusses a Motorcyclist’s Rights Following a Bike Crash

It is estimated that there are more than 400,000 motorcycles in use on roads throughout the state of Texas. As a result, there are numerous chances for accidents to take place.motorcycle accident attorneys

There are lots of reasons that motorcycle accidents occur in this state, and they range from simple causes such as distracted drivers to more egregious causes such as driving while drowsy or drunk driving. If you or a loved one have incurred an injury as the result of a motorcycle accident in the area, it is critical that you know your rights. If you have suffered the tragic loss of a family member due to such an accident, you need to be informed of the legal options you may have that can ensure those responsible for your loss are held accountable. This article, provided to you by the motorcycle accident attorneys with our law firm, will give you some information on relevant issues that surround motorcycle accidents in Texas. With 20 years of experience in litigating Texas personal injury and wrongful death cases, the motorcycle accident lawyers with our law firm can help you get through this incredibly trying time.

How Motorcycle Accidents Differ from Car Accidents

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, or you have ever been to the site of such an occurrence, it should be pretty clear how that kind of accident is different from a typical car wreck. Accidents involving a motorcycle are often much more serious, and more often than not will result in severe injuries to the motorcyclist and a greater likelihood of death. The Texas Department of Transportation reports that two out of three motorcycle accidents in this state result in either serious injury or death to the motorcyclist. In 2018 there were 418 motorcycle accident fatalities; a number that accounted for 16 percent of all traffic accident fatalities that year. Another 6,913 motorcycle riders or passengers were hurt that year. It is pretty easy to see why motorcycle accident injuries can be so devastating; no matter how much protective gear motorcyclists and their passengers may wear, that gear is often no match for pavement or surrounding automobiles. A car, on the other hand, obviously provides a far higher degree of protection to its occupants. There are several brands of well-designed and well-built motorcycles on the market, such as Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, Buell, Triumph, and other motorcycle manufacturers. However, no matter how well designed they may be, these motorcycles simply cannot prevent severe injuries from occurring in even relatively small accidents because they do not have an outer frame that can envelop and protect occupants as can an automobile.

bike crash lawyers
motorbike accident on the city street

But a lot of people, unfortunately, are unable to see that. Because there are such significant differences between motorcycle accidents and car accidents, there are just as significant differences in the ways the two accidents are dealt with from a legal perspective. Typically, a car accident claim can be properly handled without the need for either party involved to bring in a lawyer. However, it is rare for accidents involving a motorcycle to not result in some sort of legal action taking place. Thus, those involved will need a seasoned and skilled motorcycle accident attorney. Because of the increased likelihood of severe injury or death resulting from a motorcycle accident, there will be more money at stake to compensate injury victims or the family members of motorcycle accident fatalities. Insurance companies will fight extremely hard to avoid having to pay these very costly claims. Victims who do not have legal assistance often do not comprehend the full value of their claim, and as a result, may fall prey to ridiculously low settlement offers from those insurance carriers. If you do not have an experienced motorcycle lawyer on your side to protect your rights, you could be taken advantage of by an insurance carrier that has no regard for your best interests, only protecting its profits.

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