June 24, 2024

Estate Planning Attorney

When you are starting and building your career, your family and other major life pursuits, it is often easy to forget about or delay the planning for our assets and family in the event of death, in capitation, marriage, divorce, re-marriage, adoption and the birth of children. But these matters are important and need to be taken care of.

By tending to your estate and legal needs now, you can ensure that your wealth goes to the heirs of your choice without dispute. You can arrange that you, not the courts, will determine who cares for your children in the event you can longer provide care. You can create a trust that will keep your assets out of the lengthy and costly probate process. And you can arrange for an empowered decision maker who can determine what kind of medical care you receive, and to what extent, in the event of catastrophic injury.

At the firm, we offer experienced and comprehensive estate planning legal services. Lawyer will meet with you to review your estate, explain your legal options, listen to your wishes and draft enforceable documents that will ensure that your estate wishes will be carried out at the time of your death or in capitation. Some of our estate planning services includes:

  • The creation of trusts
  • The drafting of wills
  • The creation of durable health care powers of attorney and health care living wills
  • The creation of guardianship

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