January 31, 2023

Business Law Attorney | Business Formation

Business formation and the sound management of an established company both require clear and enforceable business documents that fully incorporate your business interests. Whether you’re entering into a long-term pricing agreement with a vendor, leasing a space for a new business, or forming a partnership to pursue an original business concept, you need to know your full rights are protected.

At this firm we provide experienced business formation and legal services in a broad range of scenarios and legal areas. Lawyer has practiced law since 2000, and he has helped thousands of individuals and businesses resolve their legal issues. He is fully experienced in delivering the business formation and business law services commonly needed by businesses and organizations in the Greensboro area. Common business law legal services our office provides are:

  • Business formation services, including sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs) and S and C-corporations
  • The formation of nonprofit organizations
  • Contract drafting and review of buy/sell and pricing agreements
  • Business dissolution, articles of incorporation, corporate bylaw drafting and review
  • Employment contract drafting and review
  • Commercial lease set-up and review
  • Attorney letters to adversarial parties

An experienced and effective business law attorney can protect not only the rights and assets of organizations, but also the rights and assets of individuals. If you are forming a new business, contact our firm. Our partnership agreements and LLCs will ensure that the assets you hold and the assets you bring to a business will be as safe as legally possible.

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