January 19, 2021

Walking You Through the Child Support Guidelines and Calculations

When it comes to your children, you want to ensure you are taking into account all considerations involving child support and custody. Child support can be a fairly straightforward matter to handle during a divorce, or can raise several challenges when dealing with unmarried parents. The Greensboro child support lawyers at our firm can thoroughly examine your situation and address all potential issues involved in your matter.

If you are going through a divorce or are in need of financial support from your child’s other parent, our attorneys at this firm, can help. We provide our clients with competent, compassionate and dedicated representation. Contact us online for your free consultation.

Creating a Child Support Arrangement That Fits Your Child’s Needs

At our firm, we always focus on what is best for your child. Child support is financial support meant to provide for all of your child’s needs, including day care, medical, dental, living and other expenses. Your child deserves to have each parent’s full support until your child has reached adulthood.

We will spend time with you to learn about your child, including any special needs your child may have. We will also work to determine each parent’s income. We will then look to the child support guidelines as set out by the North Carolina legislature to provide an accurate calculation of monthly child support payments.

Modifying Child Support as Circumstances Change

Attorney is available to help you seek a modification of your current child support order. Whether you are the obligor who has lost your job and needs to seek a downward adjustment in your payment, or you are the receiver and are in need of more financial support as your child ages, we are here to help you.

We will evaluate your situation to see if circumstances have substantially changed to a point that the family law court would allow a modification. If so, we will walk you through the full process, from initial filing through the hearing to the execution and implementation of a new order.

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Business Law Attorney | Business Formation

Business formation and the sound management of an established company both require clear and enforceable business documents that fully incorporate your business interests. Whether you’re entering into a long-term pricing agreement with a vendor, leasing a space for a new business, or forming a partnership to pursue an original business concept, you need to know your full rights are protected.

At this firm we provide experienced business formation and legal services in a broad range of scenarios and legal areas. Lawyer has practiced law since 2000, and he has helped thousands of individuals and businesses resolve their legal issues. He is fully experienced in delivering the business formation and business law services commonly needed by businesses and organizations in the Greensboro area. Common business law legal services our office provides are:

  • Business formation services, including sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs) and S and C-corporations
  • The formation of nonprofit organizations
  • Contract drafting and review of buy/sell and pricing agreements
  • Business dissolution, articles of incorporation, corporate bylaw drafting and review
  • Employment contract drafting and review
  • Commercial lease set-up and review
  • Attorney letters to adversarial parties

An experienced and effective business law attorney can protect not only the rights and assets of organizations, but also the rights and assets of individuals. If you are forming a new business, contact our firm. Our partnership agreements and LLCs will ensure that the assets you hold and the assets you bring to a business will be as safe as legally possible.

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Defending Against Drug Possession and Trafficking Charges

Drug charges lead to either misdemeanor or felony prosecution. The level of charge often depends on the evidence that was gathered by the police and on the type and quantity of the drugs in question. Do not allow your future to balance on the police reports. Obtain the strong, competent drug crimes defense you need in the Greensboro area by contacting Law Office

At our firm, we are dedicated to providing the key defense strategies you require to have your charges dropped or minimized. Our Greensboro drug crimes defense lawyers will work to protect your rights and your future at all times. Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.

A Strong Defense is Necessary When Facing Drug Charges

The most important thing you can do when facing drug charges is to hire an experienced drug crimes defense attorney. Attorney  worked as an assistant public defender prior to opening our law office. He has literally handled thousands of client matters and brought hundreds of cases to verdict. Our lawyers know exactly what to prepare for your defense and what holes to look for in the prosecution’s case.

Whether you are a college student who was charged with possession of marijuana while on your college campus, or are an individual facing felony drug trafficking charges, we can help you. We will investigate all aspects of the police stop and search to see if the police performed an illegal search and seizure. When possible, we will seek to have the evidence thrown out due to improper police procedures or actions. If that is not possible, we will seek to minimize the charges or remove the charges from your record.

Keeping Your Record Clean Through First Offender Programs

A conviction for any drug crime can have serious consequences. This is even more true for college students, as a conviction for having even a small amount of drugs in your possession can keep you from getting financial aid in the future.

If this is your first offense, our lawyers will work with you and the courts to see if you are eligible for a first-offender program. If you are eligible, and if you complete the program as required, your record would remain clean.

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